About us

despre_noiAWS Elektrotehnik proposes reliable solutions for equipment and systems used in most of the areas that form the industrial sector. The company, founded in 2012, is backed by the expertise of a team of professionals with extensive experience gained from the sustained activity in all the specific stages of the industrial segment.

Through its strengths, the company provides more than equipment and parts for industrial machinery, also coming with an element that adds important value, namely pre- and after-sales services.

We rely on our team’s experience and expertise in the rapid identification of specific needs of the customer, regardless of the industry in which it operates. Our expertise extends from the food industry, the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry to industrial, civil construction and automotive industry and extends to the specific needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, such as car repair shops, PVC and aluminum joinery production workshops or custom-made furniture workshops and factories producing series furniture.

We know that delivery times are vital and that any delay may result in significant losses. Therefore, we deliver in the shortest time possible. Moreover, we are learning the needs of customers and comply with these needs thus building lasting relationships that enable us to anticipate the needs for equipment and parts, allowing us to come and implement reliable solutions in a very short time after the need arose.

We believe in lasting relationships with both customers and partners. We work with well-known brands in the industrial segment for the reliability and ease of use of the solutions we propose. Thus we can offer a competitive price-performance ratio in a market with a very high competitive level.

We chose Timisoara as the base of our operations because it is an extremely important industrial hub, where major multinational companies have established their operations and where local entrepreneurs have interesting initiatives with potential, initiatives which we can support through our solutions.